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If you suspect termites, you should call an exterminator to get an inspection. These may be causing serious damage to the structure of your home. Proper extermination is best left to the professionals. While some pest problems can be handled on a do-it-yourself basis, these are not one of those problems. Call one of our experts today to get rid of your problem!

The main types found in this area are:


  • Subterranean are normally winged, and are a yellow-brown or smoky-gray color. Their workers are usually white with a soft body. The soldiers are similar to worker types, except they have long brownish heads that can sometimes look like a pair of pinchers. The soldiers defend the colony from ant invasions.


  • It’s easy to confuse subterranean and drywood because they look very similar. The reproducers can range in color from a light yellow to black. To distinguish between a drywood and a subterranean, we will need to look closely at the wings of the termite. Drywood have three large veins near the front edge of the forewing, while subterranean have two major veins on the front edge of their forewing. We will also be able to tell which you have by looking at the characteristics of the wood they have infested.


  • Formosan are larger than the other two types found in the area. The wings of the productive ones are hair, and the worker has a more oval-shaped head. These also have workers and soldiers.

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There are many different types found in Fort Lauerdale, Florida. They will determine what kind of threat is posed to your home.

They will also determine our extermination approach. If you suspect them in your home, then you need treatment today. Call us at (954) 790-6394 right away!

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